Van Dijk praises Gomez as Liverpool’s best player of the year.

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Virgil van Dijk, captain of Liverpool praises the performance and versatility of Joe Gomez. The golden defender in the 2023-24 season worthy of the club’s Player of the Year title.

This season, Gomez has played 36 games, standing in every position of defender, from right-back, center-back, left-back. Or like in the FA Cup 5th round defeating Southampton 3-0 Standing as a defensive midfielder. สมัคร ufabet 

That made ‘VVD’ praise the Met team saying that. Without the 26-year-old defender, the team would have difficulty staying on the path to competing for 4 championships. 

“I’m delighted with that guy too. And know what we went through together 2-3 years ago.” van Dijk Opening his mouth through ‘Sky Sports’

“And for Joe to play and perform at such a high level he deserves more than Kendit.” 

“Which Gomez is one of the people who are very close to me. He’s a really good player and could be a contender for one of the best players of the season.”  

In the 2023-24 season, Gomez played 17 matches at right-back , 14 at left – back , 4 at central defender and 1 at No. 6 midfield.  

“Since he played as a centre-half again natural in his position Together with the unique Verge. He is an amazing football player. which is good.”

“He has great speed. This helped us a lot in maintaining a high final line. He’s a really good tackler. Good in one-on-one situations. In football terms, I have already said that it is very good.”