Tenhag urges Fulham to apologize, sparking Bruno Fernandes drama.

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Eric Ten Hag, manager of Manchester United came out and called on Fulham to apologize to Bruno Fernandes for uploading the clip on TikTok. Which sparked a trend of Bruno’s drama and encouraging those who Decided to protect their captain more.

Official TikTok account ‘Little Magnate’ uploaded a clip of the game United lost 1-2 weeks ago. In which the Portuguese star had the opportunity to fall in front of the penalty area. Because he was lightly hit by Sasa Lukic. But when their own side still had possession of the ball. The offensive game continued. He jumped up and looked blank. ทางเข้า UFABET 

causing netizens to catch on Taking clips of the incident to criticize on social media. It became a ‘Bruno Drama’ trend until this image made many enemies in the industry. Want to take the ‘Red Devils’ playmaker seriously? 

The 53-year-old manager therefore used a press conference. Before meeting Manchester City (3 March) to urge the Fulham team to apologize to Bruno Fernandes for creating a bad public perception. They also called on league referees to arrest opponents who try to play outside of the game. 

Ten Hag opened his mouth:

“I don’t know about the video.”

“But if they really did that. I would have to say that it was inappropriate. It is very inappropriate.” 

“It is not right for your club to act like that. They deserve to apologize for this.” 

“I think that moment must have been a foul. But it turns out that the mass media, social media, create inaccurate perceptions. and then blame him for the incident. The referee should protect that guy.” 

“Bruno is a very passionate player, a very creative player. He created the most chances in the English Premier League.”

“It turned out that his rival was targeting him. Especially after last Saturday’s game. I felt the referee had to protect that guy. They had a chance to do it from the start of the game. It should be like that.”  

The Portuguese playmaker has had very few fouls this season. As he has played 18 fouls in over 2,250 minutes in the league. There are 110 other players who have been fouled more often than him. Including Bruno Guimarães Newcastle played 2,198 minutes and called for 78 fouls.