Howe challenges Ashworth to leave Newcastle for Manchester United.

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Newcastle head coach Eddie Howe believes a club is bigger than one person. Therefore, even if Dean Ashworth steps down from his position as sports director Dressed up and waiting to join Manchester United. It will not affect the plans for buying and selling in the summer 2024 market.

Ashworth’s performance caught the eye of Ineos Sports, the new management group. The ‘Red Devils’, owned by Sir Jim Rackliffe a 25% shareholder of United made an offer ทางเข้า UFABET 

The 52-year-old football strategist showed his professionalism and asked to step down from his position at St. James Park immediately to make way for a new director wearing a mask. and not knowing too much about the secrets of ‘Salika Dong’s’ business operations. 

On the issue of parting ways with the sports director, Howe understands the professional way, while Newcastle is ready to move on without interruption. 

“I haven’t been to many meetings about summer plans yet. We are confident that they will ramp up their efforts as the summer window closes to opening,” he said in a press conference before meeting Wolves (2 March).

“Dan’s departure has no impact.” 

“Regarding the players, I haven’t personally talked to all the players yet. But there will be discussion. And it is possible that they are talking together.” 

“Everyone in the squad now has the opportunity to continue working together next season. Considered together with the existing contract situation.” 

“Have we decided who will not get a new contract? Of course, such matters are not considered at this time.” 

In the case of Manchester United choosing to appoint Ashworth is director of football. May have to pay compensation to Newcastle of more than 10 million pounds.