What type of lottery betting should a beginner start with?

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If you are a beginner to bet on the lottery betting , it is recommended. That you choose to bet on the lottery with online lottery website that will give you value. And gives a higher chance of receiving a prize than buying a government lottery. Because buying a government lottery is almost an opportunity to win one million prizes, but for online lottery. There will be numbers for you to choose from and There is a form of lottery betting that is the same as the entire underground lottery, ready to give a high payment rate. You should choose to bet from the government lottery first because it will be most easy to understand and have a high chance of being prize.

For some websites, it may increase the fun and chances of winning more prizes. By adding a way to bet on front-back numbers and 19 door numbers, etc. As for the payout rate of online lottery, it will be similar to the underground lottery as well, but will be higher. For example, the top 3 digits or 3 straight numbers, if it’s a general underground lottery, it will give only 400-450 per baht or the maximum may be up to 600 per baht, but for online lottery, it will give 750-800 per baht and some websites may give Up to 900 baht per baht as well.  สมัคร UFABET